Short-term fixes

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has proposed an innovative approach to managing current lanes and upgrade interchanges in the short term.

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Long-term solutions

Studies show a multi-modal investment in new road and transit capacity is needed from the Beltway to Frederick and would bring dramatic, lasting relief.

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About Fix270Now

Maryland officials have been studying a combination of new express lanes and dedicated bus-rapid-transit (BRT) service in the I-270 corridor since 1994. Those studies have identified affordable, sustainable, long-term solutions to Maryland’s worst daily traffic nightmare – real solutions that would improve peak-hour speeds by up to 87% and provide much better transit service -- but those studies were put on hold and have gone nowhere since 2008. Voters in both parties support a combination of new express lanes and dedicated BRT service, from Frederick to the Capital Beltway, by a whopping 7-1 margin. Join to press state and local officials to restart these studies and get Maryland moving!

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Maryland’s transportation network needs to move people, goods and services safely and efficiently – which is why we need both roads AND transit. This is not a “roads vs. transit” issue – we need both.

Virginia has invested billions in new express toll lanes and the results have been impressive – both for those using the toll lanes and those using the existing free lanes.
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BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit, a modern, flexible, lower cost, premium form of transportation that combines features of both a bus system and a light rail system. Brt features include:
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  • Join the effort to press local and state officials to re-start the project studies on I-270 and get Maryland Moving!